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🧿Evil Eye amulets have been observed as symbolic forms of protection for centuries in cultures from Northeast Africa and its bordering countries, West Africa, Latin America as well as some parts of Asia...

🧿The Hamsa hand/Hand of Fatima,

Eye or Udjat/Utcha of Heru and

Eye or Udjat/Utcha of Ra are all prominent symbols of evil eye protection...

🧿Evil Eye amulets are used to ward off evil eye from people who seek to block the blessings, success and happiness we receive.

Whether done intentionally or indirectly...

🧿We can unintentionally give off evil eye to someone by not blessing a compliment or statement after its given...

Similarly how in Ifa (Isese or Lukumi) we end a prayer with 'Ase/Ashe/Ache' to affirm said prayer is being blessed, received and that it will come into existence...

(Be sure to include ankle diameter in inches at Checkout. Because each anklet is made to order, color patterns may vary from pictured, but will still maintain your chosen primary color).

Evil Eye Anklet


The ultimate Heart center stone. Promotes unconditional love & infinite peace. Purifies the heart & teaches the true essence of love. It brings deep emotional healing in order to be receptive to true love and reciprocate it. It encourages self-love. It restores trust & love after heartbreak. It transmutes emotional burdens & patterns that no longer serve you. When carried on your person or worn as a yoni egg, it is believed to increase fertility.

Each Rose Quartz chunk will come in a carry pouch with rose petals.

Rose Quartz


A stone that brings clarity of mind, opening the Crown & higher chakras. Also known as "Liquid Light", Selenite is an ethereal stone that helps to enhance telepathy and meditative spirit work. When used in a protective grid, it keeps negative outside influences from entering your safe spaces. It is also often used like a wand, to wave around your aura and clear non-beneficial attachments. Selenite allows us to reach better judgement & insight by clearing our minds of information that no longer serves us and allowing us to see the bigger picture.

Each Selenite will come in a carry pouch with lavender.