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Welcome to the 

Honoring Sacred Portals Retreat​

This retreat will be experienced November 11th-November 13th in a beautiful home near the red rock vortexes of Sedona, AZ. 

The Red Rocks of Sedona are historically known for the energetic vortexes that reside within them. They've also been considered a significant location for sacred ceremonies held by Indigenous cultures of the area for centuries. With each (100+) vortexes expressing either magnetic energy (feminine & introspective), electric energy (masculine & outward moving) or balanced energy (divine feminine and divine masculine in sync), there is so much to be obtained and experienced.

As an African based holistic practitioner, my focus with this retreat is to assist everyone who attends with learning Ancestrally inspired self-healing tools while healing together.

Our wombs are the portals to humanity.

If our bodies are our temples, then consider our wombs the altar: the focal point of our manifestations and the site of communication to our Ancestral successors and predecessors. Our traumas, our emotions and ailments can imprint within the womb and physically manifest as infertility, prolapse, sexual dysfunctions, hormonal acne/hair growth etc. While beautifying our exterior creates a temporary appeasement to our perception of self, we as womben must heal starting from the source in order to heal the whole. And if we are expected to make any type of contribution to our community, our family, or ourselves, we must heal our source before we can heal anyone else.

Join us in healing our Sacred Portals while visiting Sacred Portals. 

This Retreat Is For T​hose Who

Are interested in African traditional religious practices, Indigenous traditional spirituality and both of their relationships with Mother Nature. Those who want to strengthen their relationship with their Divine Feminine and their own 

Sacred portal (womb). 

What You Will Experience

Energetic cleanses in scenic atmospheres with trusted, experienced and genuine spiritual leaders & practitioners. You will also experience a sense of Sisterhood during self-healing activities in a safe, high vibrational space.

What You Will Walk Away With

The importance of Ancestral reverence and how to properly honor your Ancestors. You will also learn exercises to better communicate with your Higher Self, release imprinted trauma and tools to help cleanse and honor your 

Sacred portal (womb).

What is Included With This Retreat​

Daily Meals

You will be provided catered plant based & vegetarian meals, spring water, fresh handmade juices and herbal teas. 

Each meal will be served at designated times during the day. 

(Please feel free to bring your own snacks to enjoy between meals.)

Guided Yoga and Meditation

Each day of the retreat will begin with guided meditation and specialized womb fortifying yoga. 

You will have the option to receive a personal yoga session during our free-time periods at an additional fee.

Intuitive Massage​

There will be exercises taught during the retreat on how to provide self-healing massage led by an intuitive certified massage therapist. 

You will have the option to receive a personal full body massage during our free-time periods at an additional fee.

Airport Transportation

If transportation from the airport is needed, transportation will be provided at an additional fee.

Shamanic Guided Sedona Tour

You will receive an unforgettably inspirational tour of the mystical Sedona Vortexes led by an experienced Shamanic guide. 

You will get to experience traditional Indigenous energy healing based around personal empowerment and spiritual attunement.

Handmade Gift Bags

Upon arrival to the retreat house, each guest will receive a unique gift bag filled with items that can be used during the retreat as well as on your return home.

Join Us on this Healing Retrea​t!

Space is Limited! You can pay in full at a discounted price, or secure your spot for only $150!

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Payment Installments of $129

Total Cost $666

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