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Circulatory Massage

A very calm and soothing massage modality used to encourage proper blood flow and circulation, relaxation, reduce anxiety and depression, and promotes lymph drainage which carries metabolic waste from the body's muscles improving overall body function.


Deep Tissue Massage

The perfect modality for those with muscle tightness and chronic pains such as lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders, limited mobility and postural issues. Preferred for those in the process of injury rehabilitation most commonly related to sports related injuries.


Tui Na Massage

Literally meaning "Pinch and Pull", Tui Na (Twee Naw) is a modality in Traditional Chinese Medicine that focuses on​ specific patterns of disharmony of the body which lead to dis-ease and illness internally and externally. It's good for the following ailments but not limited to: headaches, premenstrual symptoms, tendinitis, carpel tunnel, digestive issues and respiratory issues.


Prenatal Massage

An essential part of prenatal care, prenatal massage eases common discomforts that mother may experience including but not limited to: backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, edema and nausea. Regular massage during pregnancy along with regular prenatal care can decrease stress, reduce labor complications, as well as improve sleep. (Not recommended for mothers in 1st trimester to reduce risk of miscarriage).


Birth Doula Services

 Doulas are the advocates for mom and the welcoming committee for baby, and the way that baby is birthed into this world can set the emotional tone for the relationship between mother and baby. My job is to make your birthing journey peaceful, relaxing and informative to make your childbirth and the days following the most unforgettable and memorable experience.

(Families with an income of less than $15,000 are eligible to receive my assistance free of charge. Schedule a consultation for further details.)


Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming is an ancient treatment encouraged by traditional healers of many different cultures. Yoni is Sanskrit for 'womb' or 'vagina'. The steam from the herbs is used to soothe & revitalize a woman's reproductive system & offers many healing benefits to the physical & energetic bodies. Some of the health benefits to yoni steaming are regulating menses, increasing natural lubrication & libido, alleviating PMS symptoms and encouraging relaxation. (Do NOT steam if you are: pregnant, menstruating, actively trying to conceive, heavily bleeding spontaneously, having a miscarriage).